Contour Secret Fiberfill Bed Pillow

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Bed Pillow with a Supportive Foam Core Wrapped in a Fiber-fill Shell

Shop to purchase the Secret Fiber-filled pillowPeople who love the plush comfort of fiberfill, but need the support of foam will love this pillow!  The secret is the pillow’s contour core, anatomically designed to follow the natural shape of your body, keeping your head and neck properly aligned during the night.  The fiberfill wrap gives the pillow it’s soft, cushy feel.  Includes free quilted pillow cover.

  • The Secret pillow has a supportive foam core, but it is wrapped in a fiber fill giving you a regular bed pillow feel with the added support of the core
  • Helps support the natural alignment of the head, neck and spine
  • Fiberfill wrap is soft and allows breath-ability

The secret inside Contour Products is the inner blue core that provides exceptional support for your head, neck, and shoulders. With traditional bed pillows, a person often wakes up in the morning with an achy neck because their pillow did not provide adequate neck support.

Contour Products created the Original Contour Pillow in 1993, and the the Secret Pillow shortly after as a solution to those who desire the firmness of a foam pillow with the soft feel of a traditional fiber stuffed pillow.

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