CPAP Pillow

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Improve CPAP compliance and sleep in comfort with our Contour CPAP Pillow!
Works with all major brands of continuous positive airway pressure devices

New Design!
Includes Quilted & Padded Cover • New Thicker Construction
Now includes a Manufacturers 2 Year Warranty

cpap_bullet_pointsThe CPAP Support Pillow (formerly CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid) is a CPAP bed pillow designed to enhance your sleep experience. It’s the comfort and quality of a Contour Pillow married with the ergonomic design of the CPAP mask user’s unique needs. It provides unsurpassed comfort and provides majorly increased freedom of the patient’s movement during the night. Use it whether you sleep on you back, stomach or side. This sleep apnea pillow continuously supports the neck and keeps the spine aligned.

This pillow for Sleep Apnea patient’s reduces leaks from the mask, decreases pressure of the CPAP mask against the face and even increases the flow of air through the airway passage, because of the better neck support.

show_nowReviews of the CPAP Multi-Mask Sleep Aid Pillow from actual users:

I was having a very hard time sleeping while wearing my CPAP. I saw your pillow when I was ordering another product and purchased one. Wow! Now I sleep comfortably and great without pressure on my face or leaks! …Margaret

I recently started on the cpap machine and could not get any sleep. After purchasing this pillow, I can now sleep all night. Thank you for such a great product…Grace

I have used a CPAP machine for 4 years. The CPAP Pillow gave me my first full night of sleep. I did not wake up once with a leaky mask blowing air in my eyes. My husband was supposed to use the mask but he could not until he used the pillow. It is a great product….Debbie J. Jackson, MI

I have used the Cloud Pillow and loved it but I was having problems sleeping after I started using a cpap air machine. My best friend gave me your CPAP pillow to try and it is fantastic. I recommend it to everyone!!! …Peter T. Greenville, SC

As a CPAP user (5 yr) and retailer of CPAP Supplies for over 25 years, this is the best accessory to CPAP use to EVER come along. On trips it goes right in my carry-on with my CPAP. It cradles my head AND allows me to roll on my side without the mask being shoved over and leaking. The neck roll at the bottom is just right to support the neck. Thanks for a great product….Kevin H. Tyler, TX

cpap_triangle_guyThe American Sleep Apnea Association has identified CPAP machine therapy as the most commonly recommended treatment for sleep apnea and related symptoms. CPAP machines prevent the breathing airway from closing while sleeping. The mask is connected, by a tube, to a small air compressor as part of the CPAP machine. This machine sends air through the tube, into the mask, where it provides positive pressure to the upper airways. This prevents the tissues in the rear of the throat from collapsing during sleep and interrupting the breathing patterns of the patient.

The CPAP mask therapy is a very effective treatment for Sleep Apnea. However, it’s estimated that 65% or more ,of patients, use the machine for only 4 hours per night . The prescribed CPAP therapy should be used for the duration of the patient’s sleep. – all night. Further, patients report using the CPAP mask for just a couple nights out of the week, instead of every night as prescribed by their physician.

Discomfort while wearing the CPAP mask is the number one factor contributing to patients decreased use of the CPAP therapy. While a patient sleeps, the CPAP mask presses against the patient’s face, which leads to discomfort. The rubbing and pressing of the mask can also distort the seal ( mask against to face), causing leaks.