Buy the BedLounge and LegLounger Cushions

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The BedLounge® Adjustable Custom Comfort Reading Pillow is an innovative back and body support cushion. Every part of your upper body: head, neck, shoulders, arms, upper back and lower back is supported. Its adjustability and conformability actually exceeds most recliners and lounge chairs. It can be carried easily with one hand. It weighs less than a down comforter. It folds up for compact storage requiring no more space than a laundry bag. The cover is 100% cotton and comes in four colors. We also offer the LegLounge and additional covers for your convenience.

It’s a wonderful portable lounger-recliner for your bed and home, with more features and capabilities built into it than an adjustable bed, at a fraction of the cost. Sealed inside under 6 layers foam, fiber cushioning is an ultra-lightweight framework. The doctor’s patented design can bend, move, flex, and pivot to custom-fit itself to your body’s shape exactly.

See the BedLounge Cushion here

  • New “Flex-Arm” adjustable arm rests flex not only in and out, but up and down as you recline reading pillow
  • Completely portable – Bedlounge® reading pillow weighs less than a down comforter
  • Folds for easy storage on shelf or in closets
  • Removable washable cover for easy care
  • Inner framework lets you lounge upright to recline positions and help you forget about back pain that regular pillows are causing
  • Infinitely adjustable – custom fits to support you
  • Fully adjustable headrest raises and lowers over a foot and moves forward 90° to cradle your head and neck
  • Easy store side pockets for your book, medications, etc -never lose a Remote again
  • Provides full upper body recliner support and stress anxiety relief
  • Use in your camper or RV while traveling
  • Acts as an “Easy Chair” for your bed – No struggling with pillows

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