Deluxe Body Pillows from Snoozer

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Deluxe Body Pillows from Snoozer

SZR_FB_preg1smallThese body cushions from Snoozer brand are perfect for sleeping, nursing, finding a comfortable position during preganancy, or a variety of other uses. They are super-high quality and offered in a range of prices from $59.99.

Now you can achieve proper spinal alignment and healthier body circulation while you sleep! The unique, patented Snoozer brand® Full Body cushion is ergonomically designed to follow the natural motions and positions of your body all night long. By providing the support of 3 cushions in 1 design it is just the right answer for those that suffer from arthritis, injuries, pregnancy discomfort, back pain, or sore muscles.

SZR_FB_preg5smallComfort-trac is proud to introduce you to Snoozer brand Body cushions. When they first introduced Snoozer brand® Body cushions in the US market 10 years ago they were the first company to offer a full line of ergonomic body cushions for both adults and children. Today, Snoozer brand® brand is recognized as the industry leader due to their high quality standards and proven designs.

Snoozer brand® ergonomic designs are truly unique due to their ability to follow the natural shapes, motions, and positions of the body throughout the night. The main ergonomic benefit of a Snoozer brand® Body cushion is in its ability to simultaneously support the hips, shoulders, and neck. This benefit ultimately positions your body and spine into its proper alignment. By improving proper body alignment throughout the night a Snoozer brand® Body cushion can enhance muscular relaxation, promote healthier circulation and most importantly, provide you a night of quality rest.

The full body cushion is available in the standard synthetic down filler or upgrade to Premium Invista™ Comforel® filler.The upgraded fill is a “Synthetic Down” made from a siliconized polyester cluster fiber. This premium quality fill is 100% hypo-allergenic.

The Snoozer brand Full Body cushion can be used for added comfort and support while reading, watching TV, and more. Given the flexible nature of the cushion it can provide excellent support as a bed wedge by simply folding it in half and placing it behind your back. It can also be wrapped around your abdomen and lower back to provide added arm support for activities such as reading in bed or on the sofa.

SZR_FB_5_160x160Snoozer brand® product line includes: the Full Body cushion, the Upper Body cushion, and the Junior Body cushion. Snoozer brand® Full Body cushion offers the support of 3 cushions in 1 ergonomic design and cradles the human body from head to toe. The Snoozer brand® Full Body cushion is also “doctor recommended” to promote proper spinal alignment, enhance muscular relaxation, and promote healthier circulation. Snoozer brand® Upper Body cushion provides the support of 2 standard cushions in 1 contoured design that will cradle the head, neck, and chest area consistently and effectively. Once you try a Snoozer brand® Upper Body cushion you will appreciate that it is a superior alternative to the standard, rectangular bed cushion. Snoozer brand® Junior Body cushion is the same shape as the Snoozer brand® Full Body cushion, but it has been scaled down to about half the overall size. This product is ideal for adults and children alike and can be used both at home and while traveling. The applications and benefits for each of these products are covered in greater detail later in this document.

Snoozer brand® Body cushions are available in three different filler options: a standard synthetic down polyfil, with a premium quality synthetic down cluster fiber called Comforel®, and with White European Goose Down. The White European Goose Down is sterilized and has a fill power of 650. Both synthetic down fiber fillers are made from a siliconized polyester materials that are 100% hypoallergenic.

All Snoozer brand® Body cushions come with a soft 100% cotton cushioncase. Plus, hey back their products with a two year warranty on sewing craftsmanship that ensures against any manufacturers defects. Over the past 10 years they averaged less than 1% in all product returns!

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