Spine-Worx Spine Adjustment Device

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Spinal Alignment System

Are you suffering from back pain? It could be the result of a misaligned spine. Let U.S. Therapy, Inc., help you with our simple to use Spine-Worx™ realignment device. Designed by a chiropractor, this natural back support system uses your body’s own weight to apply controlled pressure to the spinal vertebrae. As you lie on Spine-Worx™, your spine is pressed firmly against the length of its two unique padded and contoured rails, injection-molded to fit the natural shape of the mid- and lower back. The vertebrae in the spine are gradually and gently encouraged to realign into their natural positions, which helps to relieve back pain and improve overall mobility.

It’s Like a Chiropractor in Your Home
There is no reason to live with back pain. Thousands of people just like you have relieved their pain with this simple and effective home therapy product.

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The Benefits of Using the Spine-Worx Alignment System

  • Spine-Worx helps to relieve muscular pain, pressure and irritation.
  • Spine-Worx is the best home therapy for the back in relieving tension and stress.
  • Spine-Worx cradles and elevates the spine, isolating the vertebrae into a neutral position where gravity takes over and allows the vertebrae to naturally and properly realign.
  • Spine-Worx helps to relieve symptoms common to misalignment problems, since the basic concept has to do with biomechanics and proper alignment.
  • Spine-Worx presents no chance of overdose or over-adjustment since the back conforms to its normal and natural shape. (Our suggested use is ten-twenty minutes as needed.)
  • Any age group may be a candidate for use of Spine-Worx. Children should seek medical advice before using Spine-Worx, as their skeletal framework may not be completely developed until they are 16-17 years old.
  • Spine-Worx is designed to apply pressure to the mid (thoracic) and lower (lumbar) back only. (Not designed for the neck (cervical).
  • Spine-Worx is portable and lightweight (2 lbs.) and can be taken on business trips, to the office or on vacation. (Product dimensions: 24x7x3).

Remember: The central nervous system begins in the brain, courses into the spine and runs throughout the entire human body. If you shut down nerve supply, you shut down the body!

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