Tips to Get Used to the CPAP Mask

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by Sarrah Beaumont

The continuous positive airway pressure or CPAP mask in Toronto’s medical supplies stores is the most common medical treatment for sleep apnea. When lifestyle changes cannot make the cut of alleviating the symptoms of sleep apnea, your doctor will recommend the regular use of the CPAP mask. In Toronto, as in many other cities, the mask is accessorized by a CPAP machine that provides steady air pressure and a hose to connect the mask to the machine.

As with any medical device introduced to the body, the CPAP mask can cause physical problems and emotional difficulties for the majority of sufferers like you. Fortunately, you can adopt many measures to counteract these problems. You will, eventually, get used to its presence. Here is how.

Right Style, Right Size

There are many styles and sizes available for the CPAP mask. In Toronto, there are many suppliers of this device so it should make for a wider range of choices.

You have to find the right style and the right size that will suit your needs and fit your face; otherwise, you will be looking down a road filled with ill-fitting devices that add to your aggravation instead of lessening them.

You can choose from either a full-face mask or a mask with a nasal pillow; each has its own advantages and disadvantages so it pays to ask your supplier. As to size, you can opt for an adjustable mask so that you can have the best fit possible.

Time is of the Essence

Getting used to the CPAP mask is often a matter of time. Rather, using it almost all the time until you can actually sleep without so much ado about its presence round your face and head.

For example, you can start wearing the mask during the daytime for short periods at home even when you are not sleeping. Then, you start attaching the hose with the machine on during the daytime, too. When you become used to wearing it during daytime, you can start wearing it during your nighttime sleepy time.

You have to remember that the sooner you get used to the device, the better. Indeed, with the CPAP mask, you can finally get a good night’s sleep!

And so it is! When you start wearing your CPAP mask, patience is a very important personal characteristic. You will encounter many difficulties but fortunately, you have recourse. Just a few examples:

For dry mouth and nose, you can use either a nasal steroid spray , adjust the level of humidity in the device or try a nasal moisturizer.

For skin irritation, you can wash your face and your mask every night. Check for unusual tightness and adjust the fit accordingly.

For unintentional removals during the night, you can try steps like putting on chin straps to anchor the mask and adjusting the heat of the CPAP humidifier.

You will notice that the above mentioned measures are of the trial-and-error kind. This is precisely why you need the patience to find just the right combination of factors to make your sleepy times better.

Rest assured that when you have become accustomed to wearing the CPAP mask, in Toronto and beyond shall you fly away. Or at least, to the restful place of uninterrupted dreamland!
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